Corporate Services Unit

The Corporate Services Unit incorporates the Administration, Human Resources, Finances, Operations and General Support function of the Attorney General. 

The corporate services are composed of the:

•           Human Resources Branch

•           Registries

•           Finance Branch

Human Resources Branch

The Human Resources Section manages the Human Resources function of the Office. Throughout the year, this Unit caters for the issuance of internal and external vacancies and keeps appropriate records of all employees. It also deals with various returns, reports and queries from the Office of the Prime Minister and parliamentary questions regarding capacity building. For the past months, the HR Office was active in engaging new lawyers to do prosecution duties as per the Venice Commission’s recommendations.


The Office has two registry sections: the Criminal Registry and the Administration Registry.

The Criminal Registry manages files related to criminal proceedings and thus has a close working relationship with the Courts. The officers working in this Registry must be vigilant to ensure that deadlines and timeframes stipulated by law are strictly adhered to.

Files in this Administration Registry are kept for thirty years, following which they are moved to the National Archives. The Registry of the Administration deals with general files relating to administration, procurement, operations and finance.

Finance Branch

The Finance Branch is divided as follows:

1.  The Accounts Section is managed by a Senior Manager who administers the budget for the Office. 

2. Within the Procurement Section, the Procurement Manager is responsible for designing and implementing procurement processes leading to the establishment of a contract for the purchase of supplies, services and works in full accordance with the National Procurement Regulations and other related circulars as may be necessary. Such circulars may include instructions from the Department of Contracts or other entities such as the Green Procurement Section. The procurement cycle is triggered off by raising a request form showing details of who is making this request, what is required and a basic estimate of purchasing such a solution. The Procurement Unit ensures that finances are available for such purchases. Once this is established, the procurement activity pertaining to the threshold is organised based on the estimate. Such procurement activity may take the shape of a collection of quotes or publications for tender offers.