In Genere Unit

The In genere Unit is a specialised unit tasked to examine and vet all magisterial inquiries transmitted to the Office according to the provisions of the Criminal Code (Chapter 9 of the Laws of Malta).

The prosecutors within this Unit draft notes of renvoi as necessary and are also responsible for filing applications in terms of article 550A of Chapter 9 to ensure that Magisterial inquiries are concluded timeously.

If the conclusion of the Magisterial Inquiry requires the filing of charges by the Police, then prosecutors within this Unit liaise with the Police to ensure that such charges are filed. If the filing of the charges falls within the remit of the Office, the prosecutors ensure that a prosecutor from the Prosecution Unit is assigned to file such charges.

The Unit is also responsible for authorising the issue of copies of the conclusions of the Magisterial Inquiry under the provisions of the Criminal Code.