Prosecution Unit

The prosecutors within this Unit handle a number of duties and are currently working with two concurrent systems of prosecutions: (a) prosecutions conducted by the Office; and (b) prosecutions conducted by the Police.

Regarding prosecutions conducted by the Office, the prosecutors assigned to perform this work are divided according to the offence. This assignment guarantees specialisation amongst prosecutors, and the prosecutors are given continuous training both in their area of specialisation as well as in the general field of criminal law. The prosecutors conducting prosecutions at the Office are involved from an early stage of the investigations. They are responsible for the decision to prosecute relative to the case assigned to them, drafting the charges against the accused, and conducting the prosecution in all the phases associated with prosecutions. The prosecutors are also involved in drafting the articles of the law or the Bill of Indictment, as well as the prosecution before the Criminal Court and appearing before the Court of Criminal Appeal as the case may be.

Concerning prosecutions conducted by the Police, the prosecutors are responsible for overseeing the committal proceedings, indicating the articles of the law in terms of which the accused is to be found guilty or filing the Bill of Indictment as the case may be. The prosecutors also conduct the prosecution before the Criminal Court and appear before the Court of Criminal Appeal.

In those instances where the Court of Magistrates acts as a court of criminal judicature, the prosecutors analyse the acts of the proceedings and the decision given by the said court if the necessary note is filed by the Police. If appropriate, the prosecutors file an appeal before the Court of Criminal Appeal and follow the said appeal.

Prosecutors within this Unit are also responsible for requesting the Criminal Court to issue monitoring, investigation, and attachment orders.

This Unit works closely with other entities, including the Police and the Asset Recovery Bureau.