Study Trip in Washington DC

Two Prosecutors from the Office of the Attorney General were nominated to participate in a study trip to Washington DC which focused on Money Laundering, Corruption, Asset Freezing/Forfeiture and Digitization between the 13th and 20th April 2024. Hosted by US Department of Justice’s Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development Assistance and Training (OPDAT), the visit offered an instructive and interactive glimpse into the best practices adopted by DC’s main gatekeepers in their fight against organised crime and financial crimes such as the Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section (MLARS) and the Asset Management Unit, US Marshals Services (USMS).

Saliently, the prosecutors enjoyed the opportunity to visit iconic landmarks such as the FBI Headquarters and the D.C. United States Attorney’s Office. Court hearings were also closely followed at the U.S. District Court following a courteous reception by District Court Judge Dabney L. Friedrich. At the end of this fruitful experience, the prosecutors presented practical reforms to local laws, practices and procedures aimed at improving the prosecution of complex and significant financial crimes in Malta.