Strategy and Initiatives Unit

In the pursuit of organisational excellence and enhanced public trust, the Office of the Attorney General has embarked on a transformative journey. Through the implementation of Technical Support Instrument (TSI) projects, the Office has undergone significant reorganisation and strategic planning. Central to this effort is the establishment of the Strategy and Initiatives unit, tasked with overseeing the implementation of key initiatives aimed at improving efficiency and accountability.

The Office’s journey began in 2021 with the collaboration between the World Bank and the Office of the Attorney General on the “Business Reorganisation” project. This initiative aimed to streamline operations and enhance service delivery. Following its successful completion in February 2023, a comprehensive 5-year Strategic and Operational Plan was unveiled, outlining strategies to bolster organisational development, professional growth, and service quality.

Building on the achievements of the previous project, the Office embarked on a new endeavour in October 2023. Teaming up with the Transversal Challenges and Multilateral Projects Task Force within the Council of Europe, the “Implementing the Business Reorganisation Action Plan” project was launched. This project aims to further refine internal processes, strengthen communication strategies, enhance training opportunities, and optimise data structures for improved efficiency.

At the heart of these initiatives lies the Strategy and Initiatives unit. Created to support and oversee the implementation of the Office’s action plans, this unit with its training, communications, information technology, and statistics and operations departments, plays a pivotal role in driving organisational transformation. Its responsibilities include:

  • coordination of internal strategies and tools to facilitate institutional and administrative reorganization.
  • development and execution of communication strategies to enhance transparency and public trust.
  • provision of training opportunities for legal and administrative personnel, ensuring continuous professional development.
  • support in building robust data and IT structures for strategic decision-making and performance assessment.

The establishment of the Strategy and Initiatives unit underscores the Office’s commitment to accountability and transparency. By solidifying efforts to improve efficiency and public confidence, the Office of the Attorney General aims to uphold its mandate to the highest standards.

As the Office of the Attorney General continues its journey towards organisational excellence, the Strategy and Initiatives unit stands as a beacon of progress. Through its strategic oversight and proactive approach, this unit plays a vital role in driving transformative change, fostering public trust, and ensuring accountability in the pursuit of justice.